Hurricane Wizard - Pet Fur Remover

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We all know that Retrievers are hairy beasts! It is an eternal struggle keeping the house clean from their hair. You finally get it all clean... and he starts shedding again!

Fear not! Let Hurricane Wizard handle that furrysome task and easily remove all the unwanted pet fur from your clothes and furniture!


  • Self-cleaning base- Just put your Fur Wizard in the base and it will come out clean again, then remove the base clip to empty the container

  • Gets all the fur in a matter of seconds

  • No refills ever needed- Get it once- use it forever

  • FREE MINI BRUSH- As a gift, you receive a FREE mini brush that easily fits in your bag perfect for on-the-go cleanups

How to use it? 

  • The Hurricane Wizard is perfect for Clothes, Furniture, Pillows, Linens and more!

  • Just wipe off the area you want clean and gather all the unwanted fur

  • One dip in the self-cleaning base removes all pet hair from the Fur Wizard and it's ready for use again

  • Dump the accumulated fur that's in the base

  • No fills required- no tape, no mess - get it once- use it for life!

Say goodbye to pet hair and make your life easier, order yours now!